Tips for Finding Your Audience, Your Customer, Your Match


Tips for Finding Your Audience, Your Customer, Your Match

by Firecat
June 25, 2020

Are you reaching the prospects, customers or users you want to reach?

Here’s Firecat CEO Susan Price offering a wealth of marketing and user-centered design thinking tips. Susan appeared as the featured guest on the Getting the Best Results podcast with author, facilitator and professional speaker Cheryl C. Jones of Simply the Best Results.

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The podcast is worth a subscribe for the shortcuts and techniques it delivers to help you get the best results in life and business.

Susan describes why it’s important to courageously target the customers you really want, and to empathize deeply with them to arrive at the messages that communicate your value and make them want to engage.

She also describes the importance of using empathy and seeking multiple perspectives when designing a marketing strategy or plan.

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