The Art of Typography


The Art of Typography

July 8, 2021

About the Session

Decisions about font, size, color, line length, alignment — all convey meaning. Are you conveying the meaning you intend with each choice?

In this session, we discuss factors that drive each decision. We review dozens of specific examples of logos, print materials and websites — hilarious examples of bad, safe examples that follow established rules, and a few inspiring examples of rules broken well. 

Typography Resources

Blonde woman smiling - Susan Price

 About the presenter

Susan Price

As CEO of Firecat Studio, Susan crafts digital, content, channel, and user experience (UX) strategy for organizations of all sizes – solving the trickiest service product design problems – ensuring people will adopt and use them. A former typesetter, Susan knows an em dash from a serif.


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We host these free, monthly lunch-and-learn sessions to help our clients, our team, and our creative community to stay inspired and keep up with emerging techniques, tools, and tactics for User Experience design. strategy, and marketing. 

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