It’s time for … TEDxSanAntonio!


It’s time for … TEDxSanAntonio!

by Firecat
October 12, 2011

17 great visionaries, innovators and creators share their ideas in 15-minute talks. This Saturday, Oct. 15, point your browser to and watch the worldwide livestream, free!

TEDxSanAntonio – Short Talks by Big Thinkers

If you aren’t yet familiar with – do yourself a favor and visit it now. Firecat Studio’s Susan Price is an organizer of San Antonio’s largest and most comprehensive TEDx event, and TEDxSanAntonio is a labor of love for the Firecats.

TED and TEDx events are like brain candy ? stimulating, enticing, addicting. Part of the magic is the inspiring talks by visionary speakers, but what really makes the neurons fire is being in community with so many open-minded, intelligent, articulate folks from all walks of life and areas of experience.

This Saturday’s event is the second, hosted again by Trinity University with generous support from Rackspace. Firecat Studio and many other local organizations and dozens of dedicated volunteers come together to create the event.

The in-person venue is full, but the talks will be shared real-time through worldwide live streaming. After the event, the talks are made available through

Confirmed TEDxSanAntonio 2011 Speakers

  • Eddie Aldrete
    Senior Vice President, IBC Bank ?Why Icebergs Hold the Solution to our Broken Immigration System?
  • Steven M. Bachrach
    Dr. D. R. Semmes Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Trinity University ?Remix in Science: Data Exchange Revolutionizes Scientific Publishing?
  • Janie Barrera
    Founding President and CEO of ACCION Texas ?A Small Hand up, A Huge Impact: Why Micro is Macro?
  • Brian Brushwood
    Founder, Scam School ?Social Engineering: How to Scam Your Way into Anything?
  • Edward A. Cavazos
    Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, co-author ?Cyberspace and the Law? ?The Collapsing Magic Circle: Laws, Rules and Social Contracts in Virtual Worlds?
  • Jos? Angel Garc?a
    Director of Operations, Grupo Garel, Founder Huracanes Tampico, LNBP ?Slam Dunk: How Investing in Sports Boosts the Economy and the Future for Children in Tampico?
  • Gordon Hartman
    Philanthropist and Founder, Morgan?s Wonderland
    ?You Only Are Disabled in an Environment that Makes You That Way?
  • Rex Hausmann
    Gallery Director of Hausmann Millworks: A Creative Community
    ?Community as Art, Art in Society?
  • Benny Lewis
    Independent Irish Polyglot
    ?From Speech Therapy to Octo-lingual: Hacking the Code to Foreign Language?
  • Scott Metzger
    Founder & CEO, Freetail Brewing Co.
    ?Crafting Better Businesses: Insights from the Beer Industry
  • Ezekiel Ndikumana
    Pastor and Burundian Refugee
    ?Keeping Culture Alive: A Refugee?s Story of Survival, Strength & Hope through Music?
  • Matthew T. Pirko
    Principal, JesRico Consulting, a cyber security consulting firm
    ?Cyber City USA: Have You Jumped Into the Pool Yet??
  • Gurvinder P. ?G.P.? Singh
    CEO, Paras Capital Management
    ?Entrepreneurial Journey: From Expert Technologist to Servant Leader?
  • Sichan Siv
    Former Ambassador, United Nations
    ?From the Killing Fields to the White House?
  • Pamela Taylor
    Co-founder and President Dress for Success? San Antonio
    ?Creating a Safe Space for the Empowerment of Women?
  • Juan Tejeda
    Instructor of Music & Mexican-American Studies at Palo Alto College
    ?Xicanismo and Tejano Music: Local Music, Global Identity & Vision?
  • Elaine Wolff
    Editor, Plaza De Armas
    ?The (Almost) Totally Transparent Journalist?

The online streaming experience is also an opportunity for building community. Chat with other viewers across the globe while participating in the event. Can’t dedicate all day Saturday to it? Check in when you can – you won’t be disappointed!

If you want to get involved next year, catch up with the TEDxSanAntonio team on Facebook and Twitter, or leave a comment on the TEDxSanAntonio official website.

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