Workshops & Training

Design Thinking & Design Sprints

When you partner with Firecat Studio, you get Design Thinking experts who’ve been growing the discipline of human-centered design since 2000. 

We want to collaborate with your team to drive the voice of the users into your products and services. Explore ideas, test potential solutions, and grow your business based on data, not assumptions.

Product Innovation 

Innovation workshops too often turn into useless, time-wasting exercises. But not ours!

We focus first on helping you identify the clear challenges. Then we integrate customer insights and market data with your team’s collaborative ideas so you end up with a realistic product roadmap designed to solve real customer pain points.

CX & Digital Strategy

Defining the right customer experience strategy linked to your specific brand positioning takes a keen understanding of your customers, your competition, and your existing customer frustration. We help clients develop strategies that lead to increased usage and loyalty, and growth in the bottom line.

Journey Maps

Customer experience journey maps allow you and your team to visualize and optimize the path customers (or prospects, or employees) take as they interact with your key services over time. 

You’ll emerge with a visual that identifies your key opportunities for innovation and improvement, along with actionable insights for optimizing the experience. We have helped large and small organizations use journey maps to craft a tangible roadmap that focuses your team the key opportunities for improvement that will produce the results you seek.

Usability Processes

User testing is rarely successful when it’s done as a sporadic exercise. We can help you create an internal usability process with the right training, staff and procedures to embed usability into your organization’s long-term execution. We’ve helped Amazon and USAA stand up usability groups, and we would love to help you, too.

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