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UX Facilitation

We help teams create the next level of awesome

Innovation isn’t something that can be imposed from outside your organization. We help teams ignite innovation within your organization with some well-placed sparks. The key is to hear from a diverse group and then align your team on a shared vision they’re each individually committed to executing — together.

Whether you’re looking to explore a problem and brainstorm solutions or reach the next level of growth, Firecat’s expert facilitators can make it happen.

In our workshops, participants synthesize data, generate lots of diverse ideas, and co-create and align on solutions and execution plans. We don’t stop at ideas — you get a time-based roadmap, with owners and a follow-up action plan.

Firecat UX Workshops

Are your teams working remotely? When your team participates in creating the path forward, they buy in. They feel valued. Relationships are deepened, and the whole team is aligned on the way forward.

Workshops that work

We get results that matter with these simple steps.

  1. Discuss your goals. Every activity must drive to your desired outcomes.
  2. Select and prepare participants. Diversity of thought is critical, so we’ll work together to identify the people in your organization who need to be in the session. We’ll also create a communication plan to ensure we hear from and keep other key stakeholders up to date to help smooth the path to execution.
  3. Conduct the workshop. In person or remote, our seasoned facilitators have years of experience leading those crucial conversations and bringing forth the voices and opinions to drive real breakthroughs.
  4. Tie to execution. Workshop outcomes are captured in meeting notes, photos, sketches and videos, but the real magic is the specific vision and action plan your team created together. We follow up with you to hold participants to their agreements.

Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking is a proven method to drive organizational change and innovation. We teach key participants in your culture to adopt and apply the user’s perspective to solve problems with hands-on practice accessing user empathy, then prototyping, testing, and iterating a solution.

We’ve seen this workshop lead to novel solutions that directly address customer and employee needs. Equip your leaders and key contributors to unlock innovation and business growth throughout your organization.

Duration: 2 days or split up into shorter sessions over several days

Man with a whiteboard

Design & Strategy Sprints

Think of Design and Strategy sprints as “applied design thinking” for a specific product or service. In as little as 4 days, a product team can set and align on an ambitious goal and success vision, then create and test a prototype solution with real users.


Duration: 4 days or sessions spread over a longer time

Decision Making & Problem Solving

We’ve all been involved in important discussions that devolve into circular arguments with no forward motion, or features and efforts based on opinions. Our facilitators use active, fun techniques that energize creativity and produce momentum and breakthroughs. Graphic recording, interactive drawing, and work-alone-together activities allow participants to reach decisions and create solutions together, delivering new energy and insights.

Duration: 1-2 days

Problem Solving Journey
Journey Map

Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map is a technique to visualize and improve a customer’s experience with your product or service. We lay out the map in phases from the customer’s point of view, from awareness, engaging, purchasing, key customer support tasks, and on through the entire customer relationship. We plot data on the map from existing metrics, then identify gaps and opportunities, and design touchpoints to better meet your customers’ or users’ wants and needs — all to improve your key results.

Duration: 2 weeks

Develop and Refine Your Brand

Your brand isn’t just your logo, or your color palette. It’s the sum total of people’s experience with your organization, the impression customers are left with, the feelings they have about you, their experiences with you. We can help you develop a brand story that everyone in your organization knows and uses as a structure to give strength and purpose to everything they do. Together, we’ll work out
  • Your most important customer segments
  • What they struggle with, that you can solve
  • Emotions you want them to feel and attach to your brand
  • Promises your brand makes to customers
Duration: 1-2 days
Brand chalk board

Customer Co-Design Sessions

What better way to get innovative ideas and meaningful input from customers than to invite them to help you design your next product, service, or feature set? In these sessions, our facilitators gather all the information you’d hope for in a focus group – and much more. The insights are incredibly specific, diverse, illustrated, prioritized, and actionable. We can work with existing or prospective customers — often a mix of both is best. Let’s discuss your project and see if co-design is a good next step for you.

Duration: Can be as short as one day or 5 full days

Service Design & Service Blueprints

When you’ve mapped your customer journey, a powerful next step is to align the customer journey with your internal processes. In the process, we identify gaps, pain points and inefficiencies that hurt performance. Improve experience while streamlining delivery and reducing friction and costs. An excellent way to break down silos within an organization.

Duration: Customized for your challenge

Service Blueprint Example

Experience is the Difference

Let’s work together to plan your next session and exceed your business goals.

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