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We help enterprise businesses grow by creating experiences people love.

Uncover incredible insights with all your audiences.

Every company is trying to deliver exceptional experiences that their customers love. Firecat brings more than 70 years combined UX and User Research experience from large brands and government organizations to help companies transform their underperforming experiences into best-in-class customer experience (CX).

Enterprise businesses understand better than most that when customers can’t find vital information on your sites and apps, you are losing money. We specialize in helping you deliver simple, elegant experiences that make customers happy and reduce calls and questions to your customer service department.

The world’s leading brands are working to engage and enlighten their audiences through integrated digital, social, mobile, video and editorial campaigns. We help large companies do just that.

Why Enterprise UX Matters

Most large companies understand they need to think about the users’ needs when designing products and digital experiences. We take this a step further with every enterprise client.

  • Why is your website underperforming against your goals?
  • Are internal tools and software frustrating your employees and costing you money?
  • Have you tried Design Sprints to help your software teams deliver faster, better product updates?
  • Does your staff understand and monitor the key metrics that deliver actionable insights?
  • Are you struggling to deliver meaningful app downloads?
  • Do you know which products are the ‘next best’ for your customer segments to deepen relationships and boost revenue and retention?
  • Are you delivering compelling, trigger-based emails when customers take a specific action?
  • Have you identified relevant customer segments that you can send targeted messages?

Enterprise UX goes beyond just thinking about the user’s needs – it also includes a disciplined look at the internal tools, processes, and software development lifecycle to ensure each of your projects is delivering timely, accountable results.

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Why Firecat Studio?

Our team is rooted in the principles of User-Centered Design and Design Thinking, honed at leading brands. We combine this with a technical team that can help you deliver faster, better, and more effective projects.

We’ve worked inside enterprises, in top consulting agencies, and helped pioneer the UX discipline. We’re very active in mentoring and building skills within your enterprise. Let us help you deepen your user research and user-centered design practice.

A few enterprise clients we've worked with:

Services Provided

Ways We Have Helped Enterprise Businesses

  • Enterprise UX Consulting: Understand how users are interacting with your digital services to build simple, yet powerful experiences.
  • Staff Augmentation: UX, Visual Design, Software Developers, Usability Researchers, and Digital Marketers to help you get any project over the finish line.
  • Customer Insights: Usability Sessions & Customer Testing, Survey Design, Journey Mapping, and Voice of the Customer programs to help you uncover valuable insights.
  • Analytics & Optimization: Dive deep into your biggest analytics challenges to craft a data strategy that helps leaders visualize your data and prioritize the biggest opportunities.
  • Digital Marketing: Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Targeted E-mails, Advertising & PR, and Stunning Creative. We can help you succeed with efficient marketing plans that deliver proven ROI.
  • Workshops & Training: Have you thought about exploring a Design Thinking workshop to help your teams embrace human-centered design? We help clients lean into the benefits of CX Design, Usability, Journey Maps, and Competitive Research.

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