Firecat Quick-Take Usability Study

Watch actual users interact with your site or app for just $369

The Best Websites and Apps Have a Secret Weapon

That Secret is User Testing

Ok, it’s not really a secret. To truly become a customer-focused organization, the top companies in the world rely on user testing to deliver websites, apps, and features that users want to use.

Are your customers getting all the way to the finish line?

The proven way that customer-focused organizations solve this is by getting user feedback as early as possible in the process.

Real User Insights. Only $369

We created the Quick-Take Remote Usability Study as a way to introduce your teams and leadership to the benefits of user testing without breaking the bank or needing a months-long project.

Stop debating. Start testing.

It’s hard for your team to see the experience they work on every day with truly fresh eyes. Seeing how users interact with your designs is the best way to end a debate. And showing the highlights to skeptical leaders is a proven way to convince them that you need a different approach.

Instead of pitting one opinion against another, gather valuable insights from actual users that you can discuss and use to craft a plan that improves ROI. 


With a Quick-Take Usability Study, you can:

  • Watch and hear what real users have to say about your product or service
  • Take the guesswork out of scope, feature, and design decisions
  • Instantly learn what’s working — and what’s not
  • Maximize your project budget while minimizing your risk
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“Nothing convinces leaders more effectively than watching actual users get confused or frustrated with the experience.”  

Megan Bramlette
Director, EU Payment Acceptance
Team brainstorming with sticky notes

How It Works

  1. Give us the URL of your website.
  2. Talk to us about your users and goals.
  3. We’ll recruit 2 users based on your criteria.
  4. We’ll design and run a test with those users performing up to 3 tasks.
  5. We’ll review the videos together and provide our expert advice on next steps.
  6. Your team keeps the recorded usability videos.

Start your Quick-Take Usability Study

Don’t go into your next project armed only with hope and opinions. Set yourself up for success with real user insights.



How long does a Quick-Take Usability Study take?
Typically 2–3 weeks from planning through debrief.

What if I need more than 3 tasks or 2 users tested?
In the planning session, we will work together to decide whether the Quick-Take format — 3 tasks and 2 users — will generate the insights you need. We’re happy to work with you to plan more complex tests.

Can I run more than one Quick-Take Usability Study on my project?
Yes. If you want more exploration after the initial test, we can build on that start.

Do you test prototypes, apps, or private websites?
Yes, all of the above. We’re big believers in getting real user feedback early in the design process.

May I watch the tests live?
Yes, all of the above. We’re big believers in getting real user feedback early in the design process.

How do you recruit participants?
You can either provide a list of potential participants or we can find them through our testing network.

Do you pay participants?
Yes, users are offered a $40 Amazon gift card for their time. This is included in the price of the Quick-Take Usability Test.

Do you offer other types of usability services, like focus groups, surveys, interviews, longer, more in-depth tests?
We sure do. Get in touch so we can strategize the right solutions for you.

Still have questions? Let’s talk
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