$99 Firecat Digital Accessibility Check

Is your website compliant with ADA and WCAG accessibility


If not, you may be missing out on significant revenue, and you’re increasingly at risk of lawsuits. Find out where you stand.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that one in four people have a temporary or permanent disability. If you’re in government, websites must be accessible to all users. And if you’re a company, you don’t want to turn any users away because they can’t use your site.

In 2019, more than 2,200 lawsuits were filed against organizations with inaccessible websites.

Talk to accessibility experts

We have helped dozens of organizations uncover and fix major accessibility issues with their websites and apps. Accessibility can be confusing. We created the Accessibility Check so that you can discover and discuss your specific accessibility findings with experts.

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Who is this right for?

  • Government agencies
  • Enterprise website and mobile app owners
  • UX teams
  • Content creators
  • Small and medium businesses

Many companies and organizations have no idea that they are at risk of litigation over website accessibility issues. We can help you understand the major issues and what it would take to become compliant.

If you’re responsible for a website or mobile app — you owe it to your users, your employees, and your bottom line to find out whether you are frustrating users with accessibility issues. Typically there are small fixes that can quickly make a big difference

Accessibility practices boost SEO

Need another reason to make your website or app accessible? Google and other search engine crawlers can’t index what they can’t “see” or “hear.” Optimizing for accessibility also optimized for search.

The international web standards body W3C has issued clear Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for making digital experiences accessible. 

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How the Firecat Digital Accessibility Check works


You provide up to 3 URLs on your website for us to check.


A Firecat accessibility specialist checks your site and creates a list of issues and opportunities.


We hop on a Zoom call to review our findings and share specific fixes and resources.

Move today toward accessibility

  • You and your team get a prioritized list of fixes and practices you can start working on immediately to move toward compliance and improve your results.
  • We’ll also share our favorite resources if you’d like to learn more about digital accessibility.
Man Using Visually Impaired App

Invest in Accessibilty

We love this stuff. And we love helping others provide accessible experiences. That’s good for you, your clients, customers, employees — everyone. 

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