Segmenting for Success and other WordCamp 2020 Goodness

Segmenting for Success and other WordCamp 2020 Goodness

by Firecat
April 11, 2020

If you missed WordCamp San Antonio 2020 – you missed a great couple days of interaction, but you did not miss all that great content!

Firecat CEO Susan Price spoke in the Marketing track on Segmenting for Success. You can watch the entire WordCamp San Antonio 2020 by going through the WordCamp San Antonio 2020 website. You’ll need to log in and agree to terms. Here’s a screenshot for finding Susan’s track – it’s the third one down in the Marketing Segment.

Check out all the other content! Get better at marketing, at WordPress, at business. 

Let’s #BetheRecovery – it’s a great time to “sharpen the saw” or improve our own business tactics and processes.

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