Replay: Innovate with Design Sprints


Replay: Innovate with Design Sprints

by Firecat
July 16, 2020

July 3 Firecat First Friday: Design Sprints

With a design sprint, you leverage the great ideas and energy of your team to build and test and prototype a new idea in as little as 4 days. The way the Firecats run a sprint, clients emerge with tons of great progress and a team that’s aligned and bought into the plan.

In this fast-paced hour-long session, Susan and Tom will cover what design sprints are all about, why they’ve become popular, when they’re the right next step, who should be included, and exactly what clients get out of that 4-day sprint. We’ll also share some of the techniques we’re using to pivot from in-person workshop format to all-remote delivery.

About the Presenters

Susan Price

Susan Price is the CEO and Master Strategist at Firecat Studio, a user experience agency that delivers smart user experiences that drive business results. She’s also a recognized leader, author, and speaker in the worldwide UX design community. Susan pioneered the use of Design and Strategy sprints at USAA and has delivered UX and digital strategy for the US Air Force, the City of San Antonio, the State of Texas, the University of Texas, Travelocity, and Amazon.

Tom Vaughn

Tom Vaughn is a customer experience leader with a history of driving results through data-driven engagement and UX strategies. Before joining the Firecat team, Tom led UX and marketing teams at Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, and USAA.

About Coworking

Firecats love and support coworking, especially virtually. Settle in at home, enjoy some lunch and join our session with other smart folks who love learning to sharpen your skills and learn to enjoy working remotely.

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