Replay: Preparing a Digital Feast – Remote Meetings that Engage


Replay: Preparing a Digital Feast – Remote Meetings that Engage

by Firecat
June 4, 2020

Firecat First Friday May 1, 2020

Our Firecat First Friday session for May 1 was a good one. With the coronavirus response, most of us are experiencing and leading many more remote meetings – and there are several tripping points, including what we call “the three Ds”:

  • Distance
  • Distraction
  • Disruption

My smart facilitator and workshop designer friends Abby Wilkymacky and Kate Hayward combined their talents with me (Susan Price) to create a workshop that demonstrates various ways to keep a remote audience engaged. So to combat those 3 D’s, we offered a 3-part First Friday experience:

  • Connect to combat Distance. Interact with and connect with your participants. Don’t rush this part! We’re all doing way too much “content consumption” and if you don’t want your meeting to be another “Death by Zoom” (or your platform of choice)  experience, making the meeting a two-way exchange is key.
  • Focus to combat Distraction.

Here’s the full recording, including the interaction and Q&A.

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