Meet Firecat at InnoTech Austin Oct. 16


Meet Firecat at InnoTech Austin Oct. 16

by Firecat
October 7, 2008

Join Firecat CEO Susan Price for a panel on Workplace Trends and the Rise of Coworking at InnoTech Austin.

When: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 2:30 p.m.
Where: Austin Convention Center, 2nd and Red River, Austin, Texas
What: We’re discussing WorkPlace Trends: Coworking and Telecommuting
Who: Talk with coworking pioneers Dusty Reagan of Conjunctured, Julie Gomoll of LaunchPad Coworking, Susan Price of Firecat Studio and Cody Marx Bailey of CreativeSpace.

Each of these visionaries is on the forefront of the groundswell coworking movement. Coworking appeals to independent professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and traditional larger corporations looking to keep their creative staffs informed and refreshed.

Corporations and organizations are embracing and encouraging mobile computing and remote collaboration like never before. These arrangements save money, commute time and energy, and make employees happy and better work/life balanced.

See the Innotech Austin web promo for more details.

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