Firecats Love Coworking

4 years ago

Firecats Love Coworking

Coworkers chatting in a coworking space

Firecats work from anywhere; now, lots more of you do, too.

As digital strategists, designers, and builders, the Firecats have long enjoyed “work from anywhere” freedom, and we’re big fans of coworking. Though the majority of us live in or near San Antonio, Texas, we’ve got team members and partners in other parts of the US and the world. 

These days, many more knowledge workers have discovered that they can work from home quite productively. If you’ve got a solid Internet connection and a phone, you’re able to work.

Of course, home has its own limitations and distractions. Kids, family, pets, chores, and the refrigerator or pantry can easily take us off ta — 

Benefits of coworking

Coworking spaces offer a well-equipped, dedicated work environment and many of the benefits of working alongside others. It can be easier to focus in a coworking space, and spread out in a meeting room.

A change of location and scenery stimulates new ideas and ways of thinking. We almost always learn something new while coworking, through “accelerated serendipity” – happy accidents that expose us to new experiences. In a coworking space, it’s common to see someone using an interesting new technique or tool, and strike up a conversation that turns into a learning opportunity. The coworking setting makes it easy to engage in conversations that leads to business opportunities. Networking is easier when your work rhythms allow connections to happen naturally.

When conditions permit, Firecat sponsors and hosts in-person events at coworking spaces like Geekdom and Key Coworking. See our News & Events section for upcoming opportunities, or subscribe to notifications below to receive invitations straight to your inbox.

Blast from the past! 🙂

Here’s Firecat CEO Susan Price being interviewed by Alan Weinkrantz about why she created a pioneering (at the time!) free coworking day once a month. This program evolved into our popular Firecat First Friday series. Note that our First Friday topic way back in 2009 was WordPress for business – that worked out!