Firecat H.O.T. (Hands-On Training) December 11, 2009


Firecat H.O.T. (Hands-On Training) December 11, 2009

by Firecat
October 27, 2009

We’ve scheduled another Firecat H.O.T. (hands-on training) workshop to walk you through setup and optimization of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This productive half-day session is ON for this Friday.

The Big Three

There are literally hundreds of social media spaces to consider promoting yourself or your organization. Although we keep up with, explore, and use a wide variety of sites and tools, we continue to find that most businesses derive the maximum amount of bang for the buck from the “Big 3”:

  • LinkedIn. Every professional who has, or hopes to start, a career should keep a current LinkedIn listing.
  • Facebook. This “mostly for personal use” site is not just for poking your high school classmates or playing games. From its strong start as a college networking site, Facebook has grown to #2 destination site on the web. Your business deserves its own page and fans so both your old and new friends can spread the word about your organization.
  • Twitter. It’s an acquired taste, and requires a good ability to project personality and stay relevant, but if you can hang in there, the best results and fastest payoff for businesses often come from Twitter. Brand awareness, customer service, marketing and PR can all play heavily into your Twitter strategy.

What We’ll Cover

Strategy. You already know how to choose a username and password and fill out a profile. What you need is help figuring out who to connect to, how to do it, what the etiquette protocols are, and then – what to say.

Friend and follow. Bring your laptop with your contacts list, because you’ll get started in the session connecting to the people you already know. Then we’ll get you started connecting to the people you don’t already know – but who will take your business to the next level. We’ll cover privacy settings and the “social media background check” for folks who try to connect with you.

Seeding strategy. Just like at a live, in-person networking event, social networking is a two-way street, and you’ll become a natural at making conversation and responding to others. But since you’re in business, it’s OK to have several things you want to let others know about. We will discuss what threads of conversation make sense for you to look for, join, and start yourself, while keeping it interesting, conversational and natural.

Get In There!

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