Service Design

by Firecat
February 25, 2021

Replay: Service Design & Service Design Blueprints

Delivering services seems straightforward until you start mapping participating players, touchpoints, supporting processes and infrastructure. Judy Cotter will share a Service Design process to map and align all these elements. She’ll share case studies and tools that have saved real clients millions in wasted effort, lost customers and other penalties.

Come ready to dive in!

About the Presenter

Judy Cotter:

Judy Cotter is an expert user experience consultant with Fortune 100 experience in financial services, government, and nonprofit spaces. Judy excels at analyzing and improving experiences holistically; she optimizes interactions between prospects, customers, and employees producing more revenues and significant cost savings.

She is an expert strategist and facilitator who speaks business fluently. She creates customer journey maps, delivers content and customer strategies. and designs and analyzes websites and apps. A seasoned design leader. Judy helps organizations create healthy design culture and development paths for designers, product owners, and developers.

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