Replay: 10 things your website should do for users


Replay: 10 things your website should do for users

by Firecat
September 17, 2020


This month we’re going back to basics with 10 items every website should deliver. We’ll go through these 10 user expectations and share both good and bad examples of how to meet each one while ensuring the site also delivers on your organization’s goals.

We’ve used this handy checklist when evaluating websites; these sometimes small improvements can realize big gains for our clients. Come ready to share your own experiences and ideas.


Come ready to jump in!

About the Presenters

Tom Vaughn:

Tom is a customer experience leader with a history of driving results through data-driven engagement and UX strategies. Before joining the Firecat team, Tom led UX and marketing teams at Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, and USAA.

Blonde woman smiling - Susan Price

Susan Price 

Susan is the CEO and Master Strategist at Firecat Studio, a user experience agency that delivers smart user experiences that drive business results. She’s also a recognized leader, author and speaker in the worldwide UX design community. Susan pioneered the use of Design and Strategy springs at USAA, and has delivered UX and digital strategy for the US Air Force, the City of San Antonio, the State of Texas, the University of Texas, Travelocity and Amazon.

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