Firecat First Friday, November: Remote Moderated Usability Testing Tools and Tips


Firecat First Friday, November: Remote Moderated Usability Testing Tools and Tips

October 8, 2020

Who needs a lab? Conducting Remote Usability Sessions

Having real users use your website is the best way to discover opportunities. We’ll share examples of remote sessions and tools.

It’s never been easier to conduct remote usability tests. Participants are becoming familiar with screensharing and video tools like Zoom and Skype. When participants connect from their actual workplace, using their computer and software, you can watch how they actually use your product in a real world context. The results can be more accurate and authentic. Remote testing can be less expensive, easier to recruit, and quicker to set up compared to traditional in-person usability. Add the need for social distancing, and we’re doing more remote testing than ever.

Usability expert Steve Schang will share some best practices in test design, recruiting, and logistics. We’ll show examples of tests and tasks that work well remotely.

Come ready to dive in!

About the Presenter

Steve Schang:

Steve Schang of Midwood Usability has been doing usability work since 1999. He holds an MS in Information Studies from UT Austin and an MBA from Queens University. He has moderated 100’s of usability sessions. He has experience using many different research methodologies and tools including, think out loud, quant usability, unmoderated, moderated, remote, in-person, focus groups, sketch sessions, interviews, UX surveys, and eye-tracking.

Steve listens closely to users and stakeholders, getting to the heart of a problem, to create innovative solutions. His team conducts user research and creates interactive prototypes for use in 1:1 usability tests.

On the weekends, you’ll find him hanging out with favorite folks — backpacking with the Boy Scouts and RVing around the country with his family.

About Firecat First Fridays

We host these free, monthly lunch-and-learn sessions to help our clients, our team, and our creative community to stay inspired and keep up with emerging techniques, tools, and tactics for User Experience design and marketing.

When we can, we meet in person and host the lunch. These days, we’re holding the sessions via webinar.

If you’re curious, please join us!  

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