Firecat First Friday: Decision-Making in the Zombie Apocalypse


Firecat First Friday: Decision-Making in the Zombie Apocalypse

January 26, 2021


Cognitive biases are “shortcuts” to critical thinking we all use to spare ourselves the effort of actual critical thinking. We’ll explore these biases to understand how they operate and how experiences can help people make better decisions.

Come ready to dive in!

About the Presenter

Chuck Rohrig:

Chuck Rohrig is an avid student of human thoughts, psychology and decision-making. As a customer experience director at a Fortune 200 insurance organization, Chuck applies human centered design, process engineering and strategy to create measurably successful, win-win experiences.

He also puts his experience design skills to use at Melchior Gift Design, a consultancy that crafts highly personalized, meaningful gifts that celebrate relationships and express gratitude in giving. For fun, Chuck enjoys designing games and studying game design.

About Firecat First Fridays

We host these free, monthly lunch-and-learn sessions to help our clients, our team, and our creative community to stay inspired and keep up with emerging techniques, tools, and tactics for User Experience design and marketing.

When we can, we meet in person and host the lunch. These days, we’re holding the sessions via webinar.

If you’re curious, please join us!  

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