Designing a Better Citizen Digital Experience


Designing a Better Citizen Digital Experience

by Firecat
November 19, 2020


Designing a Better Citizen Digital Experience

Citizens and residents need digital access to essential services. Learn how experts reimagined the digital experience for a large city.

Large cities and other government agencies tend to organize and offer services by internal departments. Residents today need easy access and intuitive designs to navigate them. A team of UX experts started this interesting, important challenge by studying the resident users and their needs. We’ll see what they proposed and hear what they learned in the process.

Jenia Espe and Tara Schwegler started RedSquared Consulting to inspire businesses to become more human through customer understanding and empathy, and to empower women to drive change in the business/consulting world.

Come ready to dive in!

About the Presenters

Jenia Espe:

Jenia has more than 15 years of practice in the financial services industry, where she served as a market strategist and customer experience expert. She is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in change and transition management.

Tara Schwegler:

Tara is a cultural anthropologist who applies ethnography to help her clients understand their customers’ needs, behaviors, and motivations. She was an experience design strategist at a Fortune 100 financial services company, conducts research projects, and teaches at the university level.

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