Creating & Implementing Usable Design Systems


Creating & Implementing Usable Design Systems

by Firecat
May 26, 2021

About the Session

What’s a Design System? Think of it as a magic Lego box of carefully thought out, predesigned roles, processes, and tools that allow a design team to quickly execute product releases and marketing with more consistency, and much less friction and effort.

They’re worth creating, but lots of work up front. Many teams invest in elaborate systems that don’t get used. The trick is to build your Design System in sustainable steps, and include a plan and commitments to keep it updated.

In this session, design leader Marti Gold discusses how to find that sweet balance to ensure your Design System fits your organization perfectly.


Marti's Usable Design Systems Slides!

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Marti Gold:

Marti Gold has created, maintained, and led teams to adopt design systems for brands you’ve heard of, like Sirius XM, Pandora, Blockbuster, and Travelocity. 

As strategic design director at SiriusXM + Pandora, she and her team are creating the in-car interface for sound streaming that we’ll see in our vehicles in 3–4 years.

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