Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces


Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

by Firecat
April 9, 2021

About the Session

Social media platforms Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces provide a new type of live voice experience. Why are they so popular? Should you care?

Have you heard the buzz about Clubhouse? It’s a real-time, voice-only chatroom social media space, currently iOS only. Not to be outdone, Twitter recently rolled out a direct competitor, Spaces (iOS & Android). Facebook announced its own entry, Hotline. 

Why are these live audio platforms taking off, and why now? How are they different from podcasting? Is live audio a channel to watch or can you safely ignore it? We’ll dig into all these questions and more – including LIVE DEMOS of the tools.

Session Replay

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Jennifer Navarrete:

Jennifer Navarrete helps businesses use social media, podcasting, and other digital marketing channels to reach and serve customers. She’s an award-winning social media champion. As founder of Texas PodCon, Social Media Breakfast Club San Antonio and Social Media Club San Antonio, she’s nearly singlehandedly responsible for Texas’s strong adoption of social media.

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