Is Your Website Accessible? Fri., Nov. 2


Is Your Website Accessible? Fri., Nov. 2

by Firecat
October 23, 2012

Websites can be easy, difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to use. Discover common pitfalls, assess your site’s level of accessibility and find out why following these guidelines is great for your bottom line.

Website Accessibility Workshop

With a few simple, relatively easy techniques, your website can be made friendly to users who need help “seeing” images,?”hearing” audio, or simply finding and clicking on links.

These techniques are great for your bottom line, for a few reasons:

  • The GoogleBot and the Bing Site Indexer are “blind and deaf” – optimizing for accessibility optimizes for search.
  • Users who need assistive technologies are more numerous than you probably imagine. They’re a large, growing market you can’t afford to ignore.
  • Following accessibility coding guidelines also makes your content more cross-platform ready. Your validated website will display properly when viewed with a smart phone, tablet and most browsers.?

You will:

  • Experience a demo of web browing using adaptive technologies
  • Learn the most common accessibility pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Understand how to assess your site’s level of accessibility with both free and paid tools?
  • Understand the difference between accessibility guidelines – Section 508 and WCAG guidelines – and discuss which you should be targeting and why
  • Meet a renowned accessibility expert and ask specific questions about your own site’s accessibility challenges


Friday, November 2, 2012
Coworking (open house) 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Lunch discussion Noon – 1:30 pm


Firecat Studio 918 Nolan #104, San Antonio, TX 78202

You’re welcome to come get some work done anytime between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm, just like working from a coffee shop but with cooler people and free coffee. Yes, you are welcome to invite others, but there’s limited space, so?make sure your friends register!

Register for Get Started with Google+ Coworking & Brownbag in San Antonio, TX  on Eventbrite

Coming in December – Remote Usability Tools

On Friday, December 2, Susan Price of Firecat Studio will demonstrate an array of remote usability tools that enable us to inexpensively and quickly test and improve site organization, navigation, visual designs and gather user preference data and ideas to prioritize features.

And yes – please feel free to suggest upcoming brown bag topics. Thanks!

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