May 4: Search Engine Optimization – Coworking & Lunch


May 4: Search Engine Optimization – Coworking & Lunch

by Firecat
April 27, 2012

Want your site to show up on page 1 of a Google search? Sure you do! We’ve got experts on SEO (search engine optimization) on tap this month to share tips and help you avoid paying too much – and help you steer clear of the wrong services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting a website to appear on page one of Google or Bing results.

What can you do to control how close to the top Google, Bing and other search engines rank your site? Turns out, a bunch of different factors come into play, including:

  • Coding the site cleanly with specific tags to help crawlers find and index your content
  • Adding video (and yes, embedded YouTube video counts)
  • Your domain name(s)
  • Ensuring your site loads quickly
  • Registering your business on Local search directories and other indexes and free accounts
  • Providing good quality content that discusses what you do

There are many ways you can boost your search results, and many require a fairly modest investment of time and little to no technical skill.

There are also some ways you or a vendor can optimize your site for search that will get you penalized or blacklisted.

Come learn what those SEO companies who promise to get you to the top of Google are likely going to do for you and learn to do it yourself. Share the tactics you’ve found success with and learn about some tools to evaluate how well your site is optimized.

    Free Brownbag Seminar and Coworking

    We sponsor these sessions on the first Friday of (almost) every month, and SEO is our topic this month.

    We provide the lunch – light sandwich fare.

    Eventbrite - How Pinterest can help your Business

    Coming in July

    There will be no June coworking session. In July, we’ll have our traditional GameFest – we’ll bring out the Wii and other game platforms, set up for Rock Band / Guitar Hero and Wii Fit, and just relax and have a good time.

    Dress is always casual at First Friday Coworking – but for July, plan on shorts.

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