Friday March 2: Coworking & Brownbag: SoLoMo


Friday March 2: Coworking & Brownbag: SoLoMo

by Firecat
February 24, 2012

It can be difficult to make a local business visible online to customers. This month, we’ll see how cutting-edge SoLoMo, or online promotions combining social, local and mobile techniques – can elevate a local brand presence in today’s noisy stream.

Coworking and brownbag topic for March 2: SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

Being visible to customers online is difficult for most businesses. For local businesses, vying with hundreds of competitors for the 10 or so listings in a Google Search results page, can seem impossible

SoLoMo – techniques that combine Social, Mobile and Local technologies and opportunities for visibility, promotion and relationship-building, including:

* Local search engine optimization (SEO)
* Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Business Listings – making the most of them.
* Gaining visibility in your community of customers through Yelp, FourSquare, Gowalla and more.
* Geofencing: Targeting mobile ads to people within certain GPS coordinates
Bring examples of local businesses that could use a boost in visibility – your own, clients, friends. Feel free, as always, to invite others. Just please have them register so we’ll know how many to expect.

We’ll provide a light sandwich lunch and soft drinks. 
And bring YOUR ideas and example to discuss, as always.


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