First Friday Coworking June 5: Time Spent Online


First Friday Coworking June 5: Time Spent Online

by Firecat
May 20, 2009

Join us Friday, June 5 for our FREE monthly open house coworking session 9am – 5pm. Lunch topic: Time Out: Get More Out of the Time you Spend Online.

Time Spent Online

Communication tools keep coming, and we are spending more and more time interfacing with a computer screen rather than human beings. Time management, already a challenge for many of us, has never been more important. The answer has to do with focusing on goals, and adhering to boundaries.

There are lots of tools and techniques to help with both — and that’s the focus of this month’s brownbag lunch.

Last month’s coworking session on Facebook still has us buzzing; Facebook has changed a lot recently, and the best way to keep up is to hear from some of the smart folks who are working in Facebook and Facebook applications and groups every day. Special thanks to Randy Bear and Tom Vaughn for explaining some of Facebook’s features in more depth, and helping us understand why businesses large and small are involved in what looks like a purely social tool. It’s not just about keeping up with your old high school or college friends.

Coworking, what the heck is it anyway?

See the Coworking FAQs. It’s basically people gathering to work together in groups other than their usual project team, corporate cubemates, alone in a home office, or from a hotel room, or a coffeeshop. Several of us think it’s the Workplace of the Future – especially for professionals and knowledge workers who can work from anywhere.

More Coworking opportunities in San Antonio

We’ve had some developments in the Coworking world here in the Alamo City.

  • Todd O’Neill has launched C4 Workspace, a dedicated coworking space in the King William area (near downtown). There are several subscription options, lots of amenities and they’ll have some “get to know you” events so you can try it out.
  • Jelly San Antonio continues to meet up every Tuesday at La Taza coffeehouse on 281 N.
  • The Salesby5 guys are rustling up a coworking venture near 410 and Jones Maltsberger. Stay tuned!

Check the San Antonio page of the Coworking wiki to find out more about this exciting evolution of the workplace.


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