Friday June 1: Exploring TEDxSanAntonio


Friday June 1: Exploring TEDxSanAntonio

by Firecat
May 17, 2012

Do you know?TED? that is, the organization where Ideas Worth Spreading get the biggest audience and the most traction.?TEDxSanAntonio, now in its third year, has shared the best of the Alamo City with the world TED community. Find out more and watch some TEDtalks in this free lunch workshop.

Get to Know TEDxSanAntonio

You may have been mesmerized by a TED?talk by Nelson Mandela, Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Goodall, or one of scores of the world?s most fascinating scientists, entertainers, artists, philanthropists, architects, engineers, teachers and philosophers.

TEDxSanAntonio is actively seeking world-changing ideas, creative minds, and passionate, empowered world changers to speak at, attend, sponsor, and volunteer to help put on this year?s event.

Come get a taste of?TED, and an insider?s view into this powerful organization. We?ll watch a couple of?TED?talks together and discuss ways of using the?TED?program to bring to light the best of what San Antonio has to offer.


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