Event Planning is Topic for Friday, 2/5 at Noon


Event Planning is Topic for Friday, 2/5 at Noon

by Firecat
January 4, 2010

Put Friday, February 5, high noon on your calendar now. We’ll be discussing Event Planning and Publicity using social media, with some excellent event planning sherpas to guide the way. Did you miss us? We were busy playing Rock Band Beatles on the First Friday in January, since it was New Year’s Day. But we’re back on track now, and February’s Coworking & Brownbag event centers around getting people together in real time and space using social media tools.

Event Planning & Publicity the Social Media Way

With all the social media connections and networking we do, sometimes it seems that people don’t really need face time anymore. Wrong! Social Media allows people to find and share more than ever before, and it makes it easier than ever to schedule and publicize a face-to-face meeting. We’ve tapped some of our best local event planners to share their favorite tools, processes and tricks to getting the word out about an event, get people there, and make the most of it.


The brownbag lunch is from noon to one p.m. Location is Firecat Studio, 918 Nolan #104, San Antonio, TX 78202.

Register Now

Register for this free event now – you can opt in to the group lunch (we’re planning on Jimmy John’s Sandwiches this month) or bring your own.. 

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