TrendWatch: Branding & Marketing for 2010 and Beyond


TrendWatch: Branding & Marketing for 2010 and Beyond

by Firecat
November 13, 2009

Business and marketing are evolving – rapidly. How do you get your offers to your customers amid the information overload? It has to be a dialog now – how will your company engage? Put Friday, Dec. 4 lunchtime on your calendar now. Our futurists have some ideas for you.

This month’s Brownbag lunch session

Brand futurist Nancy Giordano will give us her insights into the future of brand marketing. Bring your questions about values-centric marketing, conscious consumers, emerging millenials, women, Latino market and more.

Nancy Giordano has spent her career building, shaping and reviving many of the country’s most prestigious brands. Nancy is a passionate, energetic advocate for what she defines as “Values-centric Branding” — branding that connects the deepest values of the organization with what consumers care most about. She is the founder of Purple Telescope, a brand futurist firm that provides consumer research, trends analysis and values-inspired strategy to generate velocity and build sustainable, consumer-centric businesses.

Firecat First Friday Coworking and Brownbag

On the first Friday of the month, Firecat Studio hosts a coworking and brownbag session. December’s session is December 4, 2009, and we’ll be getting geared up for 2010.

You don’t have to be a marketing/communications pro or social media maven — though you’ll likely meet several of those. We get engineers, designers, consultants, architects, teachers, accountants, students, nonprofit directors, writers, lawyers, realtors, bankers, motivational speakers, coaches — all kinds of folks.

If you’ve got ideas for future discussions, send them to us through the Firecat Studio contact form.

Here’s a little video to wake up your inner Oracle:

Please Register

Our little informal coworking sessions have grown! We need you to register so we can arrange for the food, beverages, and chairs. But no worries; if you found out at the last minute – come on out, we’ll make room. REGISTER AT EVENTBRITE (It’s Free)

Coming Next Month

Event Planning the Social Media Way

Stay in the Loop

We hold Firecat First Friday Coworking and Brownbag each month. They’re free to attend. If you’d like an email notification, please sign up for email updates and we’ll hit your inbox with a reminder. You can also follow @firecatsue in Twitter or friend Susan Price in Facebook to see reminders there. Put October’s upcoming sessions on your calendar now.Have an idea for a future brownbag session? Send us your suggestions and requests through our contact form.

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