Pinterest for Business Seminar, Fri. April 6


Pinterest for Business Seminar, Fri. April 6

by Firecat
March 24, 2012

Pinterest – on first glance, it’s full of cupcakes and crafts, but underneath is a robust image-tagging and sharing engine. At the upcoming Friday, April 6 noon coworking brownbag, we’ll discuss strategies for generating traffic and buzz with Pinterest.

Pinterest, A Simple Explanation

Pinterest is a social sharing application that’s ridiculously easy to use, with Facebook and other social sharing as part of its DNA. Here’s the scoop:

  • The metaphor is “pinboards.” Users create pinboards of images organized by subjects.
  • On any website, activate a “Pin It” bookmarklet to “pin” the website and attach any of the website’s visible images (without having to save-as or upload again).
  • No copyright hassles because the image stays where it is; you’re just referring to it, really.
  • Tag images with a little bit of text to give it your own spin.
  • Pinterest makes it super easy to “repin” stuff other people have pinned; similar to “Liking” stuff in Facebook, and just as easy, but with more to show for it.

Interesting Pinterest Factoids

  • Pinterest is driving more traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn – combined.
  • 10 million users and growing
  • Demographics: 70% women between 25-54
  • Users spend more time “pinning” than they do in Facebook

Free Brownbag Seminar and Coworking

The first Friday of every month, and Pinterest is our topic this month.

We provide the lunch – light sandwich fare.

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