Customer Journey Maps – Firecat First Friday March 6, 2015


Customer Journey Maps – Firecat First Friday March 6, 2015

by Firecat
February 1, 2015

Design Optimal Experiences with Customer Journey Maps

Image courtesy Michael McMahon.

Customer journey maps are a powerful tool for analyzing a user’s or customer’s thoughts, feelings and actions throughout their relationship with your organization. Customer experiences are nonlinear, and the map identifies key touchpoints where the customer is deciding to:

  • click on your link – or a competitor’s
  • stay on your site – or “bounce” to another site
  • read what you have to say – or give up
  • believe in the value you are describing
  • purchase, engage – or bail out
  • remain a loyal customer – or make a change
  • recommend you to their friends – or leave a negative review

After you’ve identified these inflection points, you are ready to design an experience that will educate, nudge, guide, delight and convince the user to stay engaged, and keep moving along the desired phases of the relationship.

In this fascinating session, service design practitioner Judy Cotter will walk us through the process of creating a customer journey map and share her recommendations for explaining to leadership how they’re used and why they’re valuable. She’ll talk about ways to use journey maps to inform your organization’s strategy, as well as how to execute to the strategy.

About the Presenter

Judy Cotter is responsible for product and service design at a Fortune 500 financial services company. She learned customer journey mapping from some of the UX industry’s most respected consultants, and continues to tweak and improve the customer journey maps for her program, as well as help other product and service programs in her organization leverage them as well.


Friday, March 6, 2015
Lunch workshop Noon – 1:30 pm



PEER1 Hosting, 250 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

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