TV Converging with Web: Firecat First Friday Nov. 5


TV Converging with Web: Firecat First Friday Nov. 5

by Firecat
October 5, 2010

GoogleTV. AppleTV. SageTV. Netflix through your Wii or XBox360. Television interaction is becoming webbish, in very interesting ways. Join colleagues at Firecat’s First Friday coworking & brownbag to get the scoop.

Web + TV = New Usage Patterns, New Opportunities

TV is undergoing another revolution – right now, it’s a bit quiet, but if you remember how your use of TV changed when cable came along – it’s about to change again, even more profoundly.
Cross the instant findability of a Google with the usability of an Apple and the on-demandness of Netflix, and you’ve got the idea. We’ve got some knowledgeable Web + TV experts coming to explain the ramifications and repercussions of services like:

  • Google TV
  • Apple TV
  • Sage TV
  • NetFlix

To warm up, check out the Wikipedia entry on Internet TV and scroll down to the handy chart where different services and technologies are listed, along with their status as pirate or legal and platforms they cover. Google TV is blank so far – but it won’t be for long.

Bring your questions. I have several for our guests, including:

  • Google TV was supposed to be out already, right? What’s the holdup?
  • Apple TV hasn’t really taken off, as far as I know. Why is that? How is it different from the others, or changing?
  • What’s the super-flyest, geekfestiest setup you think we all should have at home?
  • Do we really want to see web content on our TVs? What are the upsides and downsides of that?


Firecat Studio will provide a light lunch – but we need a headcount. Yes, you can invite others, but please encourage them to register too. See you on First Friday!

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