Facebook for Business – First Friday Coworking & Brownbag Oct. 1


Facebook for Business – First Friday Coworking & Brownbag Oct. 1

by Firecat
September 24, 2010

Facebook has eclipsed Google as the number one destination on the web. Should your business be on Facebook? Award-winning social media trainer Jennifer Navarrete (@epodcaster) will share tactics for building a Facebook Fan Base.

Facebook for Business

Should your business have a Facebook presence? How can you attract fans? What types of updates should you share? And how much work is it to maintain a Facebook presence, among all the other work you have to do?

Facebook isn’t all Farmville, Mafia Wars, plants, birthdays and “poking.” Your customers and contacts can use Facebook to refer you business, keep you up to date with important trends, and help you grow your business – if you do Facebook the right way.

Bring your Facebook questions and stories to share.

  • What’s the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page? Which do I want?
  • What is Facebook Connect? Is it just for large businesses?
  • What on earth will we find to talk about, and how often should we update our page?
  • Should we ask our employees to help or bar them from using Facebook at work?
  • We created a page but have few fans. What can we do to build a fan base?
  • I see Facebook ads. Are they worth our marketing dollars?
  • How can I turn OFF notifications I don’t want to see?
  • What if someone says something unflattering about our company? Can we remove it?
  • How do I use the “Events” feature?
  • Can I make our Twitter updates come through to Facebook, and vice versa?


Firecat Studio will provide a light lunch – but we need a headcount. Yes, you can invite others, but please encourage them to register too. See you on First Friday!

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