Usability Study Filled Up – Thanks!


Usability Study Filled Up – Thanks!

by Firecat
August 11, 2009

The usability study we had been helping get participants for this week has all the folks it needs, thanks to our friends and the coworking crowd. The usability team conducting the study (NOT Firecat Studio in this case) asked us to thank you all for your quick responses. Having asked for participants in our coworking session and through our lists, I’ve been asked repeatedly what’s involved with a usability test. I’ve written a blog post about it, for those of you who are curious.

Interested in being a usability test participant?

If you’re interested in being considered for a usability test, let me know by filling out our contact form and saying so. When we have need, you’ll typically be asked qualifying questions to ensure you match the target user audience. Sometimes our tests are informal, sometimes we can offer compensation. I find them fascinating learning experiences.

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