Design Sprints Workshop at World Usability Day San Antonio 2019

Design Sprints Workshop at World Usability Day San Antonio 2019

by Firecat
November 12, 2019
Design Sprint Workshop

Firecat Judy Cotter and I are seasoned Design Sprint facilitators, and we’re planning a 3-hour workshop at World Usability Day San Antonio showing how to bring Design Sprints to your organization. It’s sold out – so gratifying to see the demand for this type of information in San Antonio.

Judy and I have different experiences of Design Sprints, and we’ve structured the 3-hour session to ensure you benefit from all the learnings we have to offer. We’ll do several activities and get to the prototype and test aspects. We’ll also cover how to describe the value of Design and Strategy sprints to leaders, whom to invite, how to socialize and plan – lots of goodness on tap.

The event includes two such workshops – the first being Life and Work Hacks from the UX Playbook, delivered by my friends and colleagues Julie Jensen and David Scaliatine from Frost Bank.

Both workshops will be filled with doing — activities — that make learning so much better and more sticky.

Since we sold out so quickly, I’m taking that as a cue to organize more high-end User-Centered Design, Usability, and User Research workshops. We offer custom workshops within organizations as well as public workshops. Make sure to sign up for Firecat email notifications if you’d like a heads-up on future events.

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