Creating a Critique Culture


Creating a Critique Culture

September 20, 2021

About the Session

Spur collaboration, amplify diverse voices, and harvest actionable feedback with a deceptively simple vocabulary for your critiques.

Imagine a creative culture where constructive criticism is welcomed across disciplines, without significant training, change management, or technical investments. Having a shared vocabulary for critiquing each other’s work will spur collaboration, amplify diverse voices, and ensure your team harvests actionable feedback every day. Oh, and have a bit of fun, too.

Come ready to dive in!

About the presenter

Julie Jensen knows the importance of harvesting feedback across disciplines. She’s lead UX teams at Microsoft, USAA, Amazon, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Capital One, and Frost Bank and created a feedback formula to ensure the recipients and the givers share actionable, clear and inspiring feedback about designs, documents, dashboards, and other deliverables. Come learn the feedback formula that you can apply immediately – no lengthy training, expensive investments, or change management required.

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About the Presenters

Diana Sonis and Lis Hubert

Lis Hubert and Diana Sonis are Firecat team members who lead CX by Design, a distributed team of highly caffeinated Human-Centered Design (HCD) experts who take a data-driven approach to designing products, services, and systems. They’re passionate about exploring and redefining the intersection between business goals and customer expectations.

Lis is an acclaimed design and strategy thought leader, writer, and speaker with extensive expertise in Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, Information Architecture, and Design Thinking. Before co-founding CX by Design, Lis led large-scale product engagements for USAA, ESPN, Major League Baseball, and NewsCorp.

Diana is a successful entrepreneur with extensive expertise in UX Design, Service Design, and the Design Thinking methodology. Before co-founding CX by Design, Diana led complex UX & CX engagements for Siemens, MasterMeter, and Essilor. She designed, built, and sold two technology companies. One of these, a data-driven B2C, now powers AirBnB’s neighborhoods data; another, an SaaS B2B, is now a core offering in RealNex.

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