Social Media and the Blockchain


Social Media and the Blockchain

February 28, 2022


About the Session

Have you worried about how social networks exploit users? Blockchain-based social networks are in their infancy, but there’s a gold rush coming.

Web 3.0-based social networks offer enhanced privacy, less censorship with transparent moderation, and an ownership model that empowers and rewards contributors, curators, and users by paying them in cryptocurrency.

In this session, we’ll unpack the techspeak and share the basic concepts, then track the progress and trajectory of these rapidly evolving Web 3.0 technologies.

This session is relevant for anyone interested in:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • The Blockchain
  • NFTs
  • Other emerging tech


About the Presenter

Jennifer Navarrete:

Jennifer Navarrete helps businesses use social media, podcasting, and other digital marketing channels to reach and serve customers. She’s an award-winning social media champion. As founder of Texas PodCon, Social Media Breakfast Club San Antonio, and Social Media Club San Antonio, she’s nearly singlehandedly responsible for Texas’s strong adoption of social media.

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