Holiday Shopping for Do-Gooders


Holiday Shopping for Do-Gooders

by Firecat
December 4, 2011

Do all the people you normally buy presents for, have plenty of stuff already? The Bloggess has some great Christmas/Hanukkah gift-giving alternatives for your perusal, that involve relatively painless e-commerce based charity, a little risk-taking, and no wrapping required.

Who is the Bloggess?

She’s this wonderful, irreverent blogger named Jenny, based in Houston. The Houston Chronicle is smart and savvy enough to have retained her as a Mommy Blogger with Attitude. She does have attitude. She cusses. We love her, and hope you will, too.

She represents what’s right with the internet; having fun, saying what you think and doing good. And making people laugh. That’s key. She points out absurdities in a way that makes you really think about them.

If you have other favorite bloggers, we’d love to know about them.

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