October 5, 2021

Focus Your UX Research the SessionIt's hard enough to get time and budget for user research! Make sure the activities answer key questions and drive key business outcomes.UX researchers ignore — at our peril — the critical step… Continue Reading

Three emojis - red frown, yellow straight line mouth, green smiley - Critique Culture
September 20, 2021

Creating a Critique Culture About the Session Spur collaboration, amplify diverse voices, and harvest actionable feedback with a deceptively simple vocabulary for your critiques. Imagine a creative culture where constructive criticism is welcomed across disciplines, without significant training,… Continue Reading

Kano model graph of user delight vs basic expectations, with excitement generators and performance payoff going up and to the right. Text: Service Design & Kano Models
August 18, 2021

Service Design & Kano Models About the Session How do you decide where your services to level up? We'll share Service Design practices and the Kano model tool to optimize your roadmap. Service design is a human-centered design practice… Continue Reading

Surveys: When is a survey the best tool to gather insights? What makes a survey successful? An abstract survey appearing on a tablet and phone, with bar graphs, chat and phone icons, and a stylus
July 15, 2021

Surveys: When, Why, How

About the Session Surveys can produce great insights, but they frequently annoy people and waste money. We'll explore when a survey is the right tool, how to coax people to respond, and when NOT to… Continue Reading

Abstract Clouds with the large word Typography along with callouts for different part of letterforms: cap height, baseline, counter, ascender, descender, serif, and x-height
July 8, 2021

The Art of Typography

About the Session Decisions about font, size, color, line length, alignment — all convey meaning. Are you conveying the meaning you intend with each choice? In this session, we discuss factors that drive each decision.… Continue Reading

Grid of elements of a design system including color swatches, typography, copyright/legal, tone, interface elements, photo treatments; text: Creating and implementing usable design systems
May 26, 2021

Creating & Implementing Usable Design Systems

About the Session What's a Design System? Think of it as a magic Lego box of carefully thought out, predesigned roles, processes, and tools that allow a design team to quickly execute product releases and… Continue Reading

Screenshot of a Clubhouse room with 6 moderators and their icons. Text: Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces / Firecat First Friday: May 7 with speaker Jennifer Navarrete / Free webinar!
April 9, 2021

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

About the Session Social media platforms Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces provide a new type of live voice experience. Why are they so popular? Should you care? Have you heard the buzz about Clubhouse? It's a… Continue Reading

Big chalk letters being written by a hand on a blackboard - Plain Language. Text: Firecat First Friday: April, with Speaker Leslie O'Flahavan
March 24, 2021

Plain Language Content

Replay: “Plain language” is how we describe content that readers care about and act on. Learn how to tell whether your content is written in plain language and how to fix it if it isn’t.… Continue Reading

Circular abstract illustration of a complex organization - computers, files, trucks, factory, service bay with screens, woman with briefcase, display terminals
February 25, 2021

Service Design

Replay: Service Design & Service Design Blueprints services seems straightforward until you start mapping participating players, touchpoints, supporting processes and infrastructure. Judy Cotter will share a Service Design process to map and align all… Continue Reading

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