November 19, 2020

Firecat First Friday, December: Designing a Better Citizen Digital Experience

Designing a Better Citizen Digital Experience Citizens and residents need digital access to essential services. Learn how experts reimagined the digital experience for a large city. Large cities and other government agencies tend to organize… Continue Reading

November 6, 2020

Firecat First Friday, November: Remote Moderated Usability Testing Tools and Tips

Replay: Who needs a lab? Conducting Remote Usability Sessions Having real users use your website is the best way to discover opportunities. We'll share examples of remote sessions and tools. It's never been easier… Continue Reading

September 17, 2020

Replay: 10 things your website should do for users

Replay: This month we're going back to basics with 10 items every website should deliver. We'll go through these 10 user expectations and share both good and bad examples of how to meet each… Continue Reading

Value of User Interviews
August 7, 2020

Quick Bites: The Value of User Interviews

Uncover data from actual customers, reveal valuable insights, and test your team's assumptions with a simple, inexpensive tactic to bring the voice of the customer into your project. Continue Reading

Grid of abstract page mockups showing a variety of navigation patterns and layouts
August 5, 2020

Replay: Designing Complex Website Navigation

Presentation: Q&A: Firecat First Friday September 4 Navigation in complex websites and products is ... well, complex. How do you help your users go from A to B to H when you’re putting… Continue Reading

Businessman analyzing business analytics or intelligence dashboard
July 19, 2020

4 Steps to a Data-Driven Marketing Plan

Establishing a data-driven marketing strategy is no easy feat. It takes the right tools and technology to be able to track users across all of your properties. And then once that’s in place, it takes… Continue Reading

Launch an Amazon Store
July 17, 2020

Replay: Launching an Amazon Store Amazon Stores start with a great initial idea. But success depends on steady effort, trial and error, and navigating unexpected hurdles. It's easy to start an Amazon store. It's not so easy to make… Continue Reading

Design Sprints Process
July 16, 2020

Replay: Innovate with Design Sprints

July 3 Firecat First Friday: Design Sprints With a design sprint, you leverage the great ideas and energy of your team to build and test and prototype a new idea in as little as 4… Continue Reading

Tips for Finding Your Audience
June 25, 2020

Tips for Finding Your Audience, Your Customer, Your Match

Are you reaching the prospects, customers or users you want to reach? Here's Firecat CEO Susan Price offering a wealth of marketing and user-centered design thinking tips. Susan appeared as the featured guest on the… Continue Reading

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