Talking Design in BigD


Talking Design in BigD

by Firecat
May 18, 2010

See FirecatSue at the Big D Design conference in – where else – Dallas this Friday and Saturday, May 28-29. Jared Spool, Sharron Rush, Kelsey Ruger, Adam Polansky, Joe Dyer, Erica O’Grady and others will share insights.

Web Design, Social Media Design, Mobile Design

Dallas is home to some of the world’s best known brands, and the design talent that keeps them at the top of their game. This relatively intimate conference — about 400 attendees total — offers opportunities for you to meet and discuss design issues with other folks who live it day in and day out.

Big D Design Conference Details

Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 28-29, 2010 Website: Location: SMU’s Hughes-Trigg Student Center, 3140 Dyer, Dallas, TX 75275 Cost: $175 or less ($175 is walkup price; buy sooner for discount) Follow the conference on Twitter: BigDesign

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