AI for Content Creators


AI for Content Creators

February 5, 2023

Firecat First Friday Feb: AI for Content Creators

Feb 3, 2023 at 12 pm CT 

Content creators are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and AIVA to produce content. Does that mean we human content creators are being replaced? Not if we learn to harness their power!

You may already be using AI to create content. Popular tools like Canva and Hemingway use AI behind the scenes to help us improve copy and images.

In this session, we’ll review some popular AI tools and get hands-on experience using them to generate options and improve content. We’ll also discuss where our human abilities and sensibilities are still required to produce excellent results.

About the Presenter

Kami Huyse is an award-winning digital strategist, speaker and author. As founder and CEO of the strategic marketing and public relations agency Zoetica, Kami and her team have helped hundreds of organizations connect with their customers online, build community, and drive measurable business results.

Kami is a sought-after speaker and writer on social media measurement, influence, strategy and online civility. She wrote How to Use Social Media, Win Business and Find Influencers, contributes to Welcome to the Fifth Estate, and her advice is featured in the textbook Public Relations Writing: Form and Style.

The founder Social Media Breakfast of Houston (#SMBHOU), Kami is a prolific, generous content creator and teacher. She has appeared at SxSW, in Forbes, PRNews, and on Good Morning America. Follow Kami on Twitter @kamichat or find her at

About Firecat First Fridays

Firecat Studio sponsors free UX and marketing learning sessions to keep our clients, team, and the UX/creative community stoked and humming. If you’re curious, register!

Format: Zoom, online (register to receive the info)

We’ll start the session right on time and wrap up in an hour. 

Download and test your Zoom before 12 Central Standard Time (UTC – 5) so you’re ready to rock! Please enable your camera and mic if possible to interact and engage with the group.

About Firecat Studio 

We are a design, research, and strategy agency in San Antonio, Texas. We help organizations innovate, transform and win using UX, design thinking, and human-centered design. We also provide marketing, communications, and employee strategy. Our team of designers, producers, and facilitators are ready to help you articulate your vision, break it into action steps, align your team, and reach your business goals. 

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