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Accessibility Policy

We aim to provide equivalent access to electronic content to all users, regardless of whether or not they suffer from visual, hearing, or mobility impairments. This policy covers Firecat Studio’s hiring and training practices, our use of electronic tools by employees, and the tools, websites and web presence points we build for client organizations.

A person who requires an accommodation or an auxiliary aid or service to understand Firecat Studio’s offerings, request Firecat services, or to participate in a Firecat event should contact Firecat at +1(210) 872-0445 (voice)  or through email at hello@firecatstudio.com.

Firecat does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its hiring or employment practices and complies with all regulations promulgated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under Title I of the ADA.

Policy Statement

Firecat Studio is committed to digital accessibility. This includes making our own website and electronic communications accessible to persons with disabilities by applying principles of accessibility and usability design, and helping our clients embrace web accessibility as a desirable goal, a strategic advantage, and sound business practice.

The Importance of Digital Accessibility

As digital strategists engaged by our clients to help them maximize the effectiveness of their web presence and provide maximum value to their users, we help our clients understand the many benefits of adhering to recommended web accessibility guidelines. Not only is the “disabled” population helped by an accessible web — all users are helped. Web accessibility techniques improve usability of interfaces across digital channels, platforms and devices. 

Organizations are at risk of lawsuits for not complying with web accessibility guidelines, but they are at greater risk of losing revenue, alienating stakeholders, or remaining unfound by search engines by not adopting robust web accessibility practices. 

Hiring and Training

When evaluating potential team members and vendors, Firecat Studio measures candidates on their degree of knowledge and mastery of web accessibility techniques and practices. All strategy, design and development team members are given training in using web accessibility validation tools and techniques. Training is typically provided by senior team members Chris McDermott and Susan Price. We send team members to Accessibility presentations, and invite Knowbility, Inc. leadership, trainers and personnel to provide training onsite at Firecat Studio. We invite our clients and the web marketing community to participate in these opportunities.

Adoption and Recommendations of Accessible Platforms and Tools

We integrate accessibility criteria into Firecat Studio’s procurement processes and factor in accessibility requirements when recommending IT platforms and tools to clients.

Firecat Studio studies extensively, strives to adhere to, and validates user interfaces we design and develop to the most recent and fully accessible guidelines as outlined by:

Testing and Validation Practices

Firecat Studio inspects Web pages and other user interface code we develop by testing them with a variety of web accessibility compliance testing tools and other manual procedures to optimize compliance with these guidelines.


In some cases, full compliance with web accessibility standards are not in the best interest of Firecat, the client, the clients’ user base, the standards organizations, or the community. Best practices for web accessibility are constantly emerging and include:

  • making exceptions and tradeoffs in compliance where an undue financial hardship or burden would ensue or the gains from compliance are minimal
  • inventing new workarounds and providing equal and alternate methods for providing access

Firecat Studio engages leading web accessibility organizations such as Knowbility, Inc. to guide us in recommending exceptions for compliance with standards and specifications. We engage Knowbility consultants when needed to help us resolve issues and make recommendations.

Let’s talk about accessibility

We’re interested in your accessibility experiences with our site, as well as your accessibility ideas, suggestions, resources and experiences with this website and other digital technologies. To reach us, connect with us in social media or email us directly at Hello@FirecatStudio.com.