A New Era for Leadership


A New Era for Leadership

January 3, 2022

About the Session

The rules of the workforce have changed. Are you playing by the old rules, or the new?

Thank goodness, many workers can work from anywhere, and they’ve discovered that there are more important factors in their lives than their employer and their paycheck.

Leaders who empower their teams are winning under the new rules, and leaders who use outdated power dynamics are losing people and the corporate game. 

Let’s explore the dynamics at play and discover some concrete steps we can take to:

  • Encourage your own leader(s) to trust you with goals, tactics, and success metrics.
  • Empower your team (or teammates) with communications that are respectful and inspiring.
  • Examine your own workplace habits and communications to assess where you are on the evolution journey — and speed your progress, if you want to.

The resources were originally presented at BigDesign 2021; we’re continuing this important conversation..

About the Presenters

Firecat CEO Susan Price will interview Cora Lonning. In addition to being a leadership coach, Cora is an organizational development consultant and author of TRAPPED: Break out of the dysfunctional lies you have been sold, step into your personal power through proven steps that put flight to your talent.


About Firecat First Fridays

We host these free, monthly lunch-and-learn sessions to help our clients, our team, and our creative community to stay inspired and keep up with emerging techniques, tools, and tactics for User Experience design. strategy, and marketing. 

If you’re curious, please join us for an upcoming session!  

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