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You have product, design and marketing teams and you’re sold on UX. You need them to align on a strategy and innovate. We’ll help you get everyone moving forward together.

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Government & Non-Profit

Are your services easy for people to use? Are digital and processes working together? Modernize and improve one step at a time — starting from the user’s perspective.

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Small Businesses

Visibility and conversion are your business lifeblood. Take advantage of the same strategies large companies use to attract more customers and deliver greater ROI.

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User Experience (UX)

Inducing human beings to change behaviors is hard, but an organization’s success depends on the ability to make that happen. We expertly leverage research, data, human empathy and innovative design to produce the results you seek. More User Experience >>


Based on your goals


UI Prototyping


User Testing

User Research

When you test with real users, powerful insights emerge. User interviews, surveys, personas, data analysis and accessibility audits produce clarity in your best next steps. We help you find, understand and fix pain points that are keeping your organization from its goals. More User Research >>


Usability Testing


Accessibility Audits


Market Research


Your next best decision — the one that will truly produce ROII — is hiding in a forest of data. We align content and channel strategy, search, email, social, and websites. You need an actionable, prioritized roadmap that will produce the results you seek. More Marketing>>


Digital Strategy


Brand Identity


SEO, Email, Social & More

Web Development

Build the right thing, then build the thing right. Whether you’re ready for a new site or want to improve performance on your existing platform, our knowledge, tools and infrastructure will solve your organization’s toughest tech challenges. More Web Development >>


Agile Development




Maintenance & Optimization

Workshops & Training

Help your team embrace what’s next by empowering them to co-create your next set of product and service innovations. Team members across groups deeply understand, share insights, and weigh in, producing unprecedented buy-in and cooperation. Your team emerges aligned, with a clear, prioritized roadmap.  More Workshops & Training >>


Design Thinking


Brand Workshops


CX & Digital Strategy

Experience is the Difference

These top brands invested in engagement and innovation from Firecat. Explore Clients >>

Firecat First Fridays

Join us for these free, fun, informal lunch-and-learn sessions. Our favorite way to stay inspired and up to date.
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January 3, 2022

A New Era for Leadership

Upcoming: January

Workers are more empowered. How can we lead effectively?

Lego bricks around the words adopt & adapt: dozens of incredible UX resources
November 30, 2021

Adopt & Adapt for UX


We share dozens of outstanding free resources to build your UX program

October 5, 2021

Focus Your UX Research


Make sure you user research is answering the right questions and meeting business goals.

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